• Amanda Frazer

Trace Robert Burns' Footsteps in the Highlands

Scotland's National Bard loved the Highlands so much he penned a poem "My Heart's in the Highlands". If he visited the Cairngorms on holiday today (330 years on) he would:

* Head for the Snow Capped Mountains "high-cover'd with snow". He would enjoy many of the walks in our area.

* Be Watching the Wildlife "a chasing the deer..." Savour a sojourn on one of the Cairngorm estates or visit the Highland Wildlife Park.

* Charming the Ladies "highland lassie" - infamous ladies man with, apparently, many muses inspiring his poetry. "My love is like a red, red rose", he would take a dear lady to one of the many delicious restaurants, hotels or bars, particularly around Valentines.

* Have a Wee Dram "twill make your courage rise, twill make a man forget his woe; twill heighten heighten all his joy" - it wasn't just the women he had a penchant for, Burns also loved his whisky too. Again he could frequent any of our hostelries or journey around a distillery (Dalwhinnie or Speyside being our local ones.

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